Carla Moore is an inspiring Transformation Speaker with a focus on Personal Power. She is passionate about sharing her story with others and helping them achieve breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives. Her keynote presentations touch audience members, letting them know that they are not alone and that they can change their own destiny.


When she started improving her own life and happiness, Carla noticed that her relationships and the lives of those around her started changing for the better as well. Now as a Certified Professional Coach, Carla guides clients to the path that leads to happiness, fulfillment, and purpose. She says about coaching, “I don’t have the answers; I just ask empowering questions.”


Are you living the life you’ve always imagined? What’s stopping you? The truth is most people are not prioritizing their own happiness, health, and potential. Crash! Leading Through the Wreckage is a guide to activating your Personal Power to achieve your dreams in both your personal and professional life.